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03.12.22 - 03.12.22



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Garbanzo Rock





Since the 15th century, Trebujena and its inhabitants have known how to progress and to promote an image of the culture of the vines and wines which are part of the idiosyncrasy of their town, passed on among its residents along with other values.

This historical, geographical setting led to the creation of the Cookery and Must Competition which, in addition to tasting and enjoying two of the most significant values of Trebujena, its wines and fine food, provides a wonderful opportunity to get together to wine and dine with friends at the time when each year there are more and more tourists visiting the town.

The typical dish of Trebujena, “garbanzos como conejo” (rabbit-like chickpeas), emerged in the post-war years, when rabbit was a delicacy that few could afford. Therefore, according to the townspeople, among the farm labourers who spent long periods working on the farms of the area and faced by the lack of meat in their stews, a cook used his, or maybe her imagination and created this dish which tastes like rabbit while containing none. This recipe, originating in Trebujena, was achieved with the following main ingredients, specified in the rules of the competition: chickpeas, rice, salt, wine, saffron, parsley, garlic, bay leaves, oil and cloves.

On the other hand, the must from Trebujena is renowned throughout the region for its high quality, and can be purchased and tasted in “tascas” (bars) that resist the passage of time thanks to the home-made must prepared by each proprietor and to the relaxed atmosphere they offer, accompanied by traditional food, such as “garbanzos con cardos de aporcar” (chickpeas with blanched cardoons), “ajo caliente” (hot garlic), “tortilla de camarones” (prawn omelette) or “garbanzos como conejo” (rabbit-like chickpeas). It is also possible to purchase must all the year round from the two cooperatives: Albariza and Virgen de Palomares.

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