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The province of Cadiz is in vogue. And that's not surprising, since Cadiz has all the attractions that a top rate holiday destination can offer: miles of beaches with crystal clear waters and fine golden sands framed within pine forest and infinite dunes; a mountain range that was officially declared a Biosphere Reserve (natural park of the Sierra de Grazalema) along with five other natural parks and a wide range of natural environments; a 3,000 year old cultural and artistic heritage expressed in the form of historical and artistic landmarks, castles and fortifications, and archaeological sites; a unique gastronomy that takes inspiration from both the sea and the mountains, with excellent wines; festivals with a personality all of their own and of International Tourist Interest; cities full of monuments, customs and traditions (such as flamenco) whose birthplace in many cases was the province of Cadiz itself.

And is if that wasn't enough, Cadiz also enjoys more than 3,000 hours of light a year and gentle temperatures that allow the visitor to enjoy this marvellous backdrop, and the hospitable people whose warmth and kindness make everyone who comes here feel at home.


La UCA es una de las universidades españolas más demandadas por los estudiantes ERASMUS de toda Europa. En este vídeo nos cuentan porqué Cádiz les gusta tanto.

Studying Spanish in the province of Cadiz is synonymous with quality. Highly experienced teachers and long-established schools that offer a wide range of courses for all levels: beginners courses in small groups, advanced refresher courses for teachers, preparation for obtaining official language qualifications with the D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), courses for special purposes, commercial and technical Spanish, intensive courses, etc. All the courses have the backup of new technologies to enable more dynamic, participative and high-quality learning.

At the same time, the schools, academies and the Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas (CSLM) of the University of Cadiz offer students another type of learning, one based on experience: living with a local family, with other students, living the experience of the city or village the student selected, discovering and enjoying regional and Spanish culture, the hospitality of its people, the history of its towns and villages, its festivals and traditions, its wonderful gastronomy, in short, what we call “quality of life”.

All this is complemented with the opportunity to practice a language in the street, a living language with its own unique characteristics that is spoken by more than 572 million people all around the world.

So, with all that to look forward to, we're waiting for you here in Cadiz, unique and varied at the same time, where learning Spanish goes hand in hand with the kindness and warmth of its people, with the warm welcome given to those who come from elsewhere, with hospitality, with the all the variety of its landscapes and towns.

Come to Cadiz. Discover us.

April and the sunsets

“Abril y los atardeceres” (“April and the sunsets”) is the first story of “Cádiz quiero verte” series. The small tale of a little girl from Cadiz with a big dream: return to her homeland every summer. The creator of these ideas is Manu Caballero, under contract from the Provincial Tourist Board of Cadiz.


Listen! I've got another story for you from #CádizQuieroVerte! I'm sure a lot of you identify with Peregrine. The Indiana Jones of the roadside restaurants of Cadiz! He loves the province and its dishes. He really misses those delicious stews! And its trails, wines and wine cellars, its villages and cities, it beaches and sunsets, its countryside and wildlife, the bicycle trips and everything this land has to offer! Don't you feel the same?


Who isn't dying to return and enjoy the kilometres of beaches and the white villages of the province of Cadiz? And its gastronomy, the encounters with friends, the tapas and so much more. And you? Are you devoted to this land as well? It'll never let you down. Elena tells us all about it! This is her story, honestly! #CádizQuieroVerte


Why go so far away to find a secret paradise if you're in the middle of one right here in Cadiz? This land is a perfect screen shot, or so Lucas says in his search for the perfect scene. Reality sometimes beats fiction! Ready to live your own film? #CádizQuieroVerte