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Los Lances

Lances North 

Average length: 3.300 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

From a narrow strip of sand and rocks to the north, close to the N-340, to a large stretch of dry sand to the south, with the mouth of the de la Jara river between its dunes, such is Los Lances Norte. It is one of the tourists and sporting spots of the province of Cadiz, which on windy days fills its sky with colourful kites that come and go at the whim of the surfers. 

Seasonally at the southeast end of this beach, a shallow coastal lagoon is formed that is used for the rest and feeding of many migratory birds, before crossing the Strait to Africa. Hence, the importance of the conservation and care of this lagoon that also serves as protection for native birds, on days of strong wind.

lances sOUTH

Average length: 75 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

The southernmost beach in Europe, attached to the town of Tarifa, is one of the busiest in the municipality and is among those with the most services. Its landscape is marked by the presence of the Isla de las Palomas with its fortifications to the south and is embellished with the profile of the background silhouette of the African continent. In the months of April, May and June you can observe the tuna fishing cast in front of the beach.

The Isla de Las Palomas island has always been an enclave of maritime interest, both nautical and defensive. Numerous cultures populated this settlement, until it became what it is today. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Muslims and Christians have passed through the island leaving their mark. Finally, in 1808, the island joined the continent by the building of a highway.

El Estrecho al Natural

Prepárate a pasear entre bosques de laurisilva de la Era Terciaria.

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