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Cádiz relax

The empire of the sun


Light in the dark


In the vibrant Chipiona there is a sun that never sets. The lighthouse of Chipiona, the highest in Spain at 62 metres, permanently points out a key point for navigation: the mouth of the Guadalquivir. Are you attracted by the challenge of climbing this iconic lighthouse? Just book a visit at the local tourist office.

Now we suggest you take a leisurely stroll along the pleasant promenade in front of the Regla beach and choose the terrace that most appeals to you for an Andalusian breakfast with sea views. How good morning caresses of the Atlantic breeze feel! If the weather is favourable, answer those soft siren songs and give yourself a good dunk in its waters.

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the good life

Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Oh, Sanlúcar! Here the sun is synonymous with relaxation and tans. This estuary also offers good beaches to cool off in a pleasant family atmosphere. The town is also famous for its excellent culinary tradition. There are hundreds of options to eat delicious food, with special mention of the classic Sanluqueña tavern Casa Balbino, one of the Cadiz temples where the shrimp omelette is worshiped.

But bathing and eating aren't everything. Although many visitors miss it, Sanlúcar also has a deep winemaking tradition with chamomile as the undisputed star. We recommend a visit to the winery Delgado Zuleta, the oldest in the Marco de Jerez. Try a range of its varieties or, if you are interested in full immersion, at its Wine Interpretation Centre they will tell you all the mysteries of how it's made.



Pinar de la Algaida

In this small town the sun king provides vital energy to another of the pillars of the province of Cadiz: agriculture. A little more than a century ago, Colonia Monte Algaida were marshes that were covered with sand so they could be cultivated. Today, the foundational cooperative system is maintained and the nearly one thousand people who live and work here maintain their unity and devotion for the fruits of the earth. And, look here, they say that their potatoes are the best in Spain.

In addition to learning about traditional agricultural techniques and the local way of life, this is also a good place to satisfy your appetite. At the El Raspa inn, you can eat a memorable rice with duck casserole or rich seasonal eels. But keep the secret ... this is a place where foreigners where foreigners don't usually come!


A sunset from a movie

Do you want to discover why the famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg crossed half the world to film in Trebujena The Empire of the Sun? We can tell you that Andalusia has the greatest diversity of habitats in Europe and, specifically Cadiz, is the best preserved. But you have to see it with your own eyes. We propose a total immersion in its rich ecosystems by the hand of Martinete, a local agency with outputs to the Doñana environment and other spaces of natural interest. You will also end up loving ornithology.

That Cádiz is a province of cinema we already know by now. And as the occasion deserves, why not feel a Hollywood actress. Trebujena is the headquarters of La Mariquita Trasquilá, a women's fashion store that in recent years has caused real furor in both online shopping and social networks. Their party dresses combine Andalusian design and affordable prices. Here, in addition to watching them on a screen, you can try them on and hopefully find their founder, Milagros Cabral.

At this point, the orange light at dusk will have already soaked the marshes and hills with vineyards around Trebujena. It has been a full day of sun worship and the empire of the moon invites a rest. The owners of the company of experiences in nature have a house with the same name in a natural enclave that many will think is a great Hollywood setting. If you've been wanting more in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, another very good option is La Alcoba del Agua that pampers every detail. Sleep where you sleep, now you can close your eyes and smile. Tomorrow the sun will rise again. And do not leave Trebujena without buying wine in their cooperatives.



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Recommended number of days: 1
Attractions: Culture, nature, gastronomy, wine.
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