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tómbolo FROM trafalgar

Average length: 3.250 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

The Playa de Zahora is nestled against the Tómbolo de Trafalgar, located on the cape itself. Made up of coarse golden sand, this beach boasts different sections of coast along its length. The end close to the tombolo (a bar of sand joining an island to the mainland) has a large sand dune system with dense plant cover and no buildings. To the northeast, country homes and beach restaurants form the busiest beach front. A small slope separates the beach from the rear area, which can be accessed via the car lanes that exit from CA-2233, forming the tourist enclave of Zahora.

During the sunset, beachgoers go to the access areas to watch the sun set in the horizon, a spectacle that sometimes receives a standing ovation.

Atunes en el Paraíso

El milenario arte de de la almadraba, usada para la pesca del atún rojo, ha determinado el devenir de muchos pueblos costeros gaditanos. Los atunes lo tienen claro. Se vienen al paraíso.

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