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Cala del Aceite


Average length: 250 m
Swimming conditions: moderate waters

La Cala del Aceite is one of the most famous coves on the Cádiz coast. Its spectacular landscape of cliffs with its rocky shore platform makes it worthy of being one of the most famous coves. Although small in size, it is the largest cove in the municipality and one of the most frequented. At the top of the cliffs the shades of green of the pine forest and the Mediterranean scrub contrast with the colors of the rocks. The beach can be reached from the car lanes that depart from the CA-4202, close to the mouth of the Roche River.

The beach has a lone access, via an unasphalted road, and has a parking area just a few meters from the beach. Among the flora, sea fennel, stone pine, sabina and the maritime juniper stand out.

Atunes en el Paraíso

El milenario arte de de la almadraba, usada para la pesca del atún rojo, ha determinado el devenir de muchos pueblos costeros gaditanos. Los atunes lo tienen claro. Se vienen al paraíso.

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