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Traditional food

THE southern KITCHEN

Not everything in the province of Cadiz is designer food and innovative ingredients. The traditional food of the region is awaiting those seeking to discover the hidden treasures of each land and who want to eat like the locals do. “Pescaito frito” (fried fish), roast mackerel, “tortillita de camarones” (shrimp fritters), the vegetables of Conil, the cheeses and oils of the Sierra or the meat of the retinto cow of La Janda and the Campo de Gibraltar have no Michelin stars, they don't need them...


El Manteca

. In the heart of the district of La Viña, El Manteca is not just famous for its name, but because of the high-quality local products it sells

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Fresh fish from the estuary

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Venta Pinto

A magical place on the N-340 where you simply have to stop.  Trust me if I say that this is the Temple of  pork loin cooked in lard shoulder

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