El Bosque, one of the most important tourist centres in the Sierra, boasts a wide variety of quality cuisine.
Chacinas (pork sausages) and embutidos (cured meats) are famed for their quality: there is jamón (cured ham), lomo (pork loin), morcón (blood sausage), morcilla (black pudding) and chorizo (spicy sausage) to please the most demanding of palates, sometimes served in their own manteca (lard) or with sobrasada (heavily-seasoned pork sausage meat). A more recent innovation is the elaboration of rich cured, semi-cured and fresh cheeses.
The village also possesses the most westerly trout river in Europe, so it is no surprise that this fish is one of the village"s culinary specialities.
Soups are the most popular dishes, particularly sopa de tomates (tomato soup), sopa de espárragos (asparagus soup) and sopa de ajos (garlic soup). "El frangollo", a type of soup made from cornflour, along with sopa de la olla (stew) and cocido con pringá (a stew containing the fattiest parts of the pig) round off the village"s culinary fare.