Редактор: Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Cádiz Издание: 2017 Язык: немецкий, французский, английский, испанский Страниц: 108 Скачать Публикация: испанский, английский, немецкий, французский


We invite you to explore the province to experience the small details which make vacations great: that breakfast on the beach, the waves splashing with the music of depths, the cheese from the Sierra of Cadiz which smells like the mountains, the cool wine in mid-morning in a dimly lit tavern, prawns from Sanlúcar peeled with laughter, "palmera de chocolate" (a crunchy chocolate elephant ear puff pastry) served as an afternoon snack, the half-hour siestas, a stroll on the slope of Vejer and tuna dish from Barbate with the breeze of the chiringuito (refreshment stand), etc. What more do you want

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