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Cadiz allows visitors to practice an endless number of sport and leisure-time activities, with the sea and the sierra providing the most exciting experiences.

The province's 260 km of coastline are the best surroundings for practicing water sports. The transparent waters and the rich sea bed make an immense pleasure of scuba diving and undersea fishing, which can be practiced at night or in archeologically rich areas (wreckage). Good fishing from the beach and from boats is guaranteed.

The sierra allows visitors to practice a wide array of activities that range from hill-walking through Los Alcornocales and Sierra de Grazalema Natural Parks, mountain-biking, walking, or horse-riding (Vía Verde de la Sierra Greenway), to riskier sports like mountain climbing, rock climbing or pot-holing (the Villaluenga, Republicano and Cacao Fissures, Travesía Hundidero-Gato) and canyoning (Garganta Verde and Garganta de las Buitreras). Large and small game is abundant, with over 60 hunting reserves.

In addition to all this, the Sierra de Cadiz offers perfect conditions for air sports, corroborated by the World Air Games hosted by Algodonales in 2001, and has numerous areas for free-flying: Sierra de Abarracín (close to Benamahoma), Puerto de las Palomas, Sierra de Líjar, and more.

The Campo de Gibraltar is one of Europe's primary enclaves for cetacean and bird-watching. Its proximity to Africa, the confluence of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and the wide array of habitats fostered by the climate have all made the area a compulsory point of passage for the millions of birds that cross over to Africa in search of better climate conditions. The MIGRES Foundation manages a Volunteer Programme for monitoring the Migration through the Straits (the Migres Programme), promoted by the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Any amateur ornithologist can participate in this programme between the months of June and November in the area around Tarifa.

With respect to cetaceans, it is quite a show to sail between the two continents watching the schools of these beautiful animals in their natural environment. The large females plow through the waters with their calves and follow the fishing boats for any tuna that might be had. Amongst the cetaceans that can be spotted are different species of dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, killer whales, and toothless fin whales, belonging to the same family as the blue whale.

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