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  • Crucero en el muelle de Cádiz
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A harbour with a long history

Cadiz has always kept a close and special relationship to the sea. It is by sea that its Phoenician founders arrived three thousand years ago, and also thanks to the sea and its port the city enjoyed its maximum splendour after the discovery of America.

Nowadays the Port of Cadiz has become an excellent port of call for cruise ships due to its privileged geographical position in the approaches of the Strait of Gibraltar, between the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa.

Furthermore, it is a gateway for freight traffic between Europe and the countries of the Maghreb, it is an important linking point with the Canary Islands, and it is a transhipment point of Northern European and Mediterranean coastal trade to the eastern coast of the United States.



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Cádiz es singular, es plural.
Cruceros en el Puerto de la Bahía de Cádiz.