Leisure Parks

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  • Parque Zoológico Botánico de Jerez
  • Parque Zoológico Botánico de Jerez
  • Granja de Cocodrilos Kariba
  • Aqualand Bahía de Cádiz
  • Lince en el Zoo de Jerez
  • Parque Zoológico Botánico de Jerez
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Leisure parks

A variety of factors make Andalusia ideal for leisure parks. There is a wide variety to choose from, to suit your tastes and those of your friends and family. The wonderful weather, the long hours of sunshine and different geographical areas add value to this broad range of leisure attractions. Nature areas for lovers of the countryside are complemented by theme parks where you can enjoy culture and education side by side on your holidays. There are also amusement parks where you will experience new, exciting sensations.


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Parque Zoológico Botánico de Jerez.
Aqualand Bahía de Cádiz.