Sierra Cheese Tour

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Sierra Cheese Tour

Without a doubt, la Sierra de Cádiz is particularly attractive for those who are keen to enjoy the spectacular and forever interesting nature in the Grazalema Natural Park, Biosphere Reserve, as a focal point offering nature, tourism and the environment.

The Pueblos Blancos trail is one of the greatest attractions already known to many, but perhaps not so much its cuisine, culture, history and traditions. You must see its many varied towns; Arcos, Grazalema, Setenil de las Bodegas, El Bosque, Olvera, Zahara de la Sierra, etc. Get away and get to know us!

Typical dishes of the Sierra are cooked asparagus in all its varieties, thistles, garlic and tomato soups, farmhouse soups, alboronía, cabrillas, pork loin in lard, free-range chicken, and a long list of products and dishes, which are the result of the fusion of the many cultures that have lived together in all these towns.

*Types of cheeses

The name Payoyo represents one of types of artisan cheeses produced in the region, specifically in Grazalema and Villaluenga del Rosario, perhaps the best known and most recognised internationally. It comes from a type of goat indigenous to the Sierra de Cádiz, the payoya goat, whose milk produces a completely organic and delicious cheese.

Additionally, there are cheeses from El Bosque, such as El Bosqueño a hand-produced artisan goat and sheep cheese manufactured in the most traditional way. There is a great variety; cured, cured in olive oil, cured in Iberian pork lard, spicy, rosemary, peppered and ‘emborrao' in the Sierra style.

The artisan cheeses of Pajarete de Villamartín, El Gazul de Alcalá de los Gazules organic cheeses, La Cabra Verde de Arcos de la Frontera artisan and organic cheeses

Each one awarded different Spanish and international prizes for different certifications.


Arcos de la Frontera

In this mountain town, which otherwise has become the provincial capital of red wine that is beginning to emerge and become a hallmark of the area, you can find La Cabra Verde cheeses in the shop La Alacena del Ángel (c/ Debajo del corral, 7), which sells these little local organic spiced payoya goat cheeses cured in local organic olive oil. In 2008 it was awarded the best Spanish organic cheese. 

Where to eat and shop

Quesos La Cabra Verde

Las Pedrizas s/n

Tel. 647 145 957

El Bosque

The delightful town produces one of the best cheeses, El Bosqueño, cheese made with international award-winning Grazalema Merino sheep milk. You may purchase items at the cheese factory but it is closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays. There is a great variety; cured, cured in olive oil, cured in Iberian pork lard, spicy, rosemary, peppered and ‘emborrao' in the Sierra style. 

Where to eat and shop

El Bosqueño - Cheese museum and interpretive centre

Pol. Ind. Huerto Blanquillo, 14

Tel. and fax: 956 716 156. Open weekdays, with reservations.

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 - 15:00h and 17:00 - 20:00h

Tasting and cheese making workshops. Reservations required.

Not very far from El Bosque, on the highway to Grazalema (A-372, 50 km.) you will find the Finca Las Hazuelas where you can learn all about how the cheeses of the Sierra de Cádiz are made, it's a school-workshop in which visitors may participate. You may also attend a cheese tasting offered by a monitor. Phones: 646116694-956234018 

You may also participate in the making of bread in an ancient windmill from the XVIII Century located at the Molino de Abajo (next to the bull ring). And when it's ready, you can take it to eat or back to your hotel.


In the smallest town in the province, the king is payoya goat cheese, the most award-winning cheese, cured in the mountains in order to achieve its unique taste. There is fresh, semi-cured and cured but the most prized are those cured in lard, rosemary and lard cheeses. Do not leave without taking some with you. Some places where you can find them:

Where to eat and shop

Quesos Payoyos

Ermita, 14.  Villaluenga del Rosario

Tel. 956 463 759

Open every day; Sundays only in the morning

Quesería Villaluenga del Rosario

C/ Plaza De Toros, 10- Telf: 956 12 66 13 

Open every day; Sundays only in the morning

Quesos Oliva

C/ Balmes, 1

Tel. 956 463 759

Organic goat cheeses

Hand production

Quesos La Velada

Avda. de Los Arbolitos s/n

Tel. 956 126001

Goat and sheep cheeses. Direct sale. Closed Mondays.


In the northern area of la Sierra de Cádiz you can find this town and along highway A382 is the Pajarete cheese factory, which is the denomination of the type of goat and sheep cheese produced here.

Where to eat and shop 

Quesos Pajarete

Polg.  El Chaparral, nave 6


Tel. 956 730 547

Alcalá de los Gazules

While this town is not located in the Sierra de Cádiz, rather in the community of Janda, near Los Alcornocales Natural Park, it produces one of the most exquisite cheeses in the province, El Gazul. In Alcalá there is long cheese making tradition, cheese was made in all households and surroundings and still continues today; fresh, organic semi-cured, cured in olive oil, flavoured with rosemary, etc.

Where to eat and shop

Quesería El Gazul

Pol. Ind. la Palmosa parcela, 20

Tel. and fax: 956 420 307


*Activity Suggestions

 v You can practice water sports, sailing and canoeing in the Lago de Arcos (Club Náutico de Arcos - Tel 956 700 645)

v The bodega Regantío Viejo de Arcos offers two tasting tours, one consists of a wine-tasting visit to the bodega and then lunch 

v Active tourism activities in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park with the company Horizon, naturaleza y aventura 

v You can live the experience of being ‘kidnapped' by bandits in the middle of the Sierra, enjoy lunch and share an evening with them. With Bandolero Tours