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It is possible to take dogs to the beaches?

For further information about this matter, please contact directly the tourism offices. Tourism offices in the province of Cadiz, here.

Where in the beaches of Cádiz is nudism practised?

There is no area to practise nudism officially in the beaches of Cádiz. However, there are some beaches far from the city centre where nudism is usually practised such as: the area between Bolonia and Punta Paloma beaches, near the area of the Baños de Claudia. Coves between the inlet of Punta Paloma and Los Lances beach. Beach of Cañuelo (Tarifa). Zahora (Caños de Meca). Calas de Roche (Roche Coves) (specifically the first one, next to the Confortel Calas de Conil Hotel).


What is the best time of year to visit the province of Cadiz?

It all depends on the type of trip you have in mind. If you are looking to enjoy sun and sand in Cadiz, for example, it is best to come June-September. In general terms, any time of year is ideal to discover the province of Cadiz.

What to do with children in the province of Cádiz?

A boat ride on Santi Peri Coast. There are attractions for children:

Among Dolphins and Whales (Tarifa):

In the Open Country (Medina Sidonia): Estate where one of the best livestock in Spain is raised

Where horses dance (Jerez de la Frontera)

Bread and Kisses taste of kisses (Grazalema). Kids may make their own cheese



How can I get highly specific information on a certain city/town/village?

All information about the 44 towns that have the province of Cadiz, click here

Further information at:

How can I find out what the weather will be like during my holiday?

In the section called “The Weather” you will find meteorological information on the province of Cadiz, with forecasts for the coming days as well as the Meteosat satellite picture. Information supplied by the Spanish Met. Office.

How can I request information (maps, street plans, guides) on the website?

Here you can find publications offered by Cadiz Tourism Promotion Board

Where can I find information on transport?

The “How to get there?” section (central part of the home page) offers a full search option for transport, with information on how to get to the province of Cadiz and how to get around the Region once you are here.

How can I search for information on the website?

The official tourist information website has its own search engine, located on the right hand side of the home page. Enter the word or phrase you are looking for and click on the magnifying glass icon. The results will appear in the central part of the page. Above these you will find information on the number of results found in each section of the website, making it easy to access the desired result directly. The search engine also allows you to restrict the search to a specific section of the site if you already know the approximate location of the information in question.

I have suggestions or queries related to the website. Who can I contact?

On the right hand side of our website there the botton “Are you Looking for information”. Use this to let us know any queries or suggestions you might have.

How to visit the Doñana National Park?

You have two options for visiting Doñana:

-River route on the Real Fernando ship + walk along the park to see the flora and fauna.

- Route on a 4 wd vehicle. (more complete than the previous one). The route starts in Ayamonte (Huelva), you can also be picked up at the park edge on Sanlúcar side,  but if you chose this option the visit would be started.  You should contact
 Viajes Doñana. Tel: 956 362 541. E-mail

Further information about Sanlúcar in the Office of Tourism: Tel: 956 366 110 / 956 382 063 / 956 388 000 E-mail: