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Punta del Boquerón
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This coastal bar in the district of San Fernando comprises a row of unspoilt dunes rising up out of the Atlantic, opposite the Sancti Petri Marshes. Along with the clear landscape value of this area, dominated by shallow channels, islets and the estuary waters of the Guadalete River, this Natural Monument is another example of the complex formation of the Cadiz coast.

The area is famous for its beaches and marshland, the result of the most recent geological episodes in the region, when the estuary was filled through sedimentation. Later, the action of waves on the sediments formed barriers like El Boquerón, which closed off the marshes and accentuated their loss of depth. Subsequent withdrawal of the sea exposed this coastal bar, and the wind and tides took care of shaping the landscape visible today.

Life at this convergence of river, sea and land is well balanced.

You can discover this Natural Monument on the Punta del Boquerón Trail, and there are views of Sancti-Petri Castle from some points along the way. This construction was built over the remains of successive Phoenician and Roman temples. It has the Cultural Property designation, along with the ruins of Batería Urrutia. Punta del Boquerón is also within the Bahía de Cádiz Nature Park, popular for rod fishing in account of the peaceful landscape and beautiful sunsets behind the castle.

Allgemeine Informationen

Stadt: San Fernando

Ausdehnung: 74 hectares Datum der Ernennung: 01/10/2003


In the shallow marsh channels there are large number of fish, molluscs and crabs, which are fished to this day using traditional methods.

The area is ideal for bird life. They feed here or rest during migratory journeys, and you can see waders such as the sandpiper and black-winged stilt, and marine birds such as gulls. You can see these birds if you take a boat trip along the channels, as well as little egrets, grey herons and flamingos.


The vegetation on the sand dunes comprises Marram grass and white broom, while on the marshes there are other species adapted to high salinity such as the Mediterranean saltbush, sapina, glasswort and sorrel.



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