Bienmesabe (marinated dogfish). Stewed potatoes with eels in saffron sauce. Mini shrimp fritters. Mackerel with tomato and noodles. Roast mackerel with piriñaca (tomato, pepper, onion and olive oil salad). Salt-baked sea bream. Cabbage. Broad beans and squid. Tripe.

The local gastronomy revolves around fish and seafood  as the town is surrounded by the sea and numerous estuaries, which furnish a rich variety of fish species, including among others sole, mullet, eels and different types of sea bream.  Coquinas and other clams, mini shrimps, crabs, crab pincers and domestic sea snails are all caught near the estuaries and channels.  

There are two tremendously popular appetisers, “Bocas de la Isla” (pincers from the Sally Lightfoot crab) and “Cañaílla”, domestic sea snails boiled in salt and water.