The ingredients of the village's typical dishes include kid, pork, rabbit, hare, and venison, as well as seasonal products such as asparagus, snails, cabrillas, and a variety of greens and vegetables.

Medina Sidonia is the sweet capital of the province, a tradition dating back to Arab times, when exquisite pastries were made in the area.

There is a wide variety of products at any time of year, though the rich mantecados and crumbly polvorones are strictly Christmas fare. Available all year round are the famous Tortas Pardas (almond-flavoured pastry filled with pumpkin syrup), the delicious Amarguillos (slightly bitter sugar and almond marzipan), Piñonates (candied pine kernels), Yemas, (made from sugar and egg yolk), Pasta (pastries), not forgetting Medina Sidonia's most typical cake: the Alfajor.

The authentic alfajor has been made in the village since ancient times and its method of preparation, termed "alajú", was passed from father to son. Even today it is prepared exclusively by hand, following the same time-honoured process, and is a completely natural product, made from honey, almonds, hazelnuts, sugar, flour, grated bread and natural spices, all expertly mixed together in just the right measures. The secret to preparing these pastries is jealously guarded by the companies who make up the Medina de Sidonia Alfajor Producers Association.