Gazpacho (chilled tomato, garlic and vegetable soup). Consomé (clear soup). Ajo caliente (hot garlic). Berza (cabbage broth). Scrambled eggs with asparagus. Kidneys in sherry. Bull's tail. Rabbit in sauce. Snails. Cabrillas. Sangre con tomate (blood in tomato sauce). Carne de caza menor (small game).

Sweets: Honey cakes. Torrijas (bread fried in egg and milk). Tocino de cielo (made from egg yolks and sugar). Pastries. Honey-coated pancakes. Huesos de santo (marzipan shapes). Amarguillos (slightly bitter sugar and almond marzipan) made by Clare nuns. Bienmesabe de las Madres de Gracia (a cake filled with citron syrup and almonds).

Wines: Pale, dry Finos. Amontillados (pale, dry sherry). Aromatic Olorosos. Cream. Jerez brandy.

Sharp-tasting Vinagre de Jerez.