Chacinas (large pork sausages). Cheeses, particularly Grazalema cheese, made from sheep and goat's milk; this hard, cream-coloured, semi-dry cheese is pressed and takes three months to mature; fresh Cadiz cheese, a soft, white, compact cheese made from goat's milk, is also worthy of note. Sopa de Grazalema (Grazalema soup). Puchero (chick pea and meat stew), which can be red or white depending on whether it contains chorizo (spicy sausage) or salchichón (salami). Asparagus soup. Tomato soup. Golden thistle stew. Lentils with golden thistles. Revuelto de espárragos (scrambled eggs with asparagus). Trucha a la serrana (country-style trout). Roast lamb. Revuelto de tagarninas (scrambled eggs with golden thistles).

Sweets: Acorn cake. Ice cream made with real fruit. Amarguillos (slightly bitter sugar and almond marzipan). Pies.