Tagarninas esparragadas (golden thistles). Caldillo de perros. Piriñaca. Alcauciles con chí­charos (wild artichokes with peas). Hot garlic. Snails. Fried fish. Skate with fried bread. Mackerel or Sole with noodles. Malarmaos a la sal. Cockerel with peas. Chocos con patatas (cuttlefish with potatoes). Seafood.

Sweets: Poleás (hot aniseed-flavoured porridge). Imperial tart. Tocino de cielo (made from egg yolks and sugar).

Wines: a wide variety, from the pale, dry Fino to the sugary Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, not forgetting the exquisitely-sharp Amontillados and the old, aromatic Olorosos.