The town has an extension of 203 km , a third of it is occupied by the Natural Park Bay of Cádiz. This Park is composed of marshland, rivers, dunes, islands,.... a perfect union between sea and land.

While walking across the town centre, we understand why Chiclana obtained the Sustainable City Green Flag in 2002. Near our main streets birds and animals like storks, chameleons and swallows can be observed easily.

Close to the town centre we have the opportunity to enjoy different ecosystems (marshland, open country, pinewoods, beaches, etc...)


They are numerous in our town, especially beautiful are the following pinewoods: Pinar de la Espartosa, Pinar del Hierro and Pinar de la Barrosa. The latter is equipped with leisure facilities for the use and enjoyment of visitors.


The river Iro forms temporary seasonal lagoons and pools. The most important are Jeli and Montellano, both are nature reserves and protected areas for birds.