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  • Carnavales de Cádiz
  • Carnavales de Cádiz
  • Carnavales de Cádiz
  • Carnavales de Cádiz en el Gran Teatro Falla
  • Carnavales de Cádiz en el Gran Teatro Falla
  • Carnavales de Cádiz
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It may be useful to hang a glass from your neck for manzanilla or fino sherry. You are sure to be treated to some.

You must visit the Manteca. It is a typical Carnival site, where you should ask for the tasty cured meats.

Try the sea urchins. Although they may appear unpleasant at first sight, they are really tasty: try some.

Listen to the bands, you’re sure to laugh a lot. Also, listen to the groups on the steps of the Post Office. There is nothing more typical.

Wear comfortable and original fancy dress - anything weird and wonderful.


Carnival from 8 to 18 of February to 2018

Thursday 8
Walk around the old town centre of Cadiz and watch the inauguration of the special street lighting at around 10pm. Some recommended sites are: The San Antonio Square, the Flores Square (Topete Square, and Compañía Street to Cathedral Square where you can have dinner; which offers a wide variety of tapas and the freshest fish and seafood in the bay. You can walk to the Carpa (marquee) in the Puerto América (at the end of Punto San Felipe). There you can get into the spirit of the first dance tunes offered by the orchestra which will play throughout the night.

Friday 9
If the weather is good, walk along the Caleta Beach, the part of Cadiz which turns up most often in the Carnival songs. Don’t forget to take your camera with you.
Have a glass of manzanilla sherry in the El Manteca bar (La Viña neighbourhood) to get used to what is the heart of the Carnival and the most traditional neighbourhood of Cadiz.
Don’t forget to visit the San Antonio Church, a baroque and neoclassical building. After a coffee, the best thing to do is stock up on sweets to see the Final of the Carnival Group Competition (COAC).
After Dinner in Fragela Square, and you can stay there to see the end of the competition on a giant screen which is usually set up for the purpose. The square is sure to be full of people eager to enjoy the Carnival. The competition ends at around dawn. It is worth staying to enjoy the atmosphere at the moment the jury makes its decision, and share the victory with the winners.
Finally, there is time for a typical breakfast in El Mentidero, and then to rest until the following day.

Saturday 10

The day of the inaugural speech. It is the first day of serious entertainment, so visit the Mercado de Abastos market on (Libertad Square) and buy a wig and whistle for the night.
Have lunch in one of the bars in the square.
Later in the afternoon, try a coffee or chocolate with churros (fritters) in plaza de las Flores.
Saunter down to Plaza San Antonio to make sure of a good close-up view of Merche (who will make the inauguration speech at the 2015 Carnival), listen to the speech and see the announcement of the Carnival Goddess from 9pm on.
This is when you can put your wig on. Enjoy the atmosphere of young people in the Mina Square and the San Francisco Square. For a quieter atmosphere go to La Viña and enjoy the carnival groups there. You can have a drink in one of the street bars which are set up in the neighbourhood streets. From La Viña, the next stop is the Carpa marquee for a dance or two to the music of the local bands. And don’t forget to have a flirtatious word with some of the nymphs you might come across there, or let some of the more witty locals test their invention with a chat-up line for you.

Sunday 11
Change your wig for sunglasses and go to the Abastos Square at about 12.30pm, where you will meet the charangas (the unofficial music groups) and the chirigotas. Later, at about 2pm, there is the Group Parade, a route the groups take around the market on their bateas (floats), singing their best tangos. Spend the most typical moments of the Carnival here to the accompaniment of a few glasses of beer or manzanilla sherry.
Make sure you have a good portion of fried fish with you and you will enjoy the atmosphere even more. At around 6pm, look for a good place from which to see the procession of the Gran Cabalgata Magna. Any stretch of the Avenida Principal is good for this
You’ll see a procession of amazing floats, costumes, and a lot of outrageous behaviour. 

After dinner continues with the firework display at 11.30pm in the Castillo San Sebastián on the Caleta Beach). It is a must-see event marking the start of the wonderful carnival week.
As you will be near La Viña, have a glass of manzanilla or a beer in the heart of the neighbourhood. You can listen all you like to more of the “illegal” bands. From here, you can move on to the Carpa marquee, and mix with the people, the fun and the outrageousness of the locals. Then it’s time for bed, because on Monday you have to feel properly rested.

Monday 12
Monday of the Coros, known as Hangover Monday. Once more, it is time for the Coros Parade in the Abastos Square, where the atmosphere is even better than the day before, with a mixture of official, “illegal” and romancing bands. It begins at about 2pm. This same time in the Cathedral Square is when the Charangas Parade begins. Since they are near each other, you can enjoy both.
After lunch, it is time to go to La Viña, where the entertainment and carnival shows continue well into the night.
After dinner, and if you still have enough energy, visit the Carpa marquee again, where you are sure to see some of the members of the carnival bands who will be enjoying themselves just like you.

Tuesday 13
If you are an early bird, and as well as entertainment would like to get to know the city a bit, we recommend a visit to the Tavira tower. Then a relaxing tourist stroll through the Parque Genovés park to Alameda Apodaca, which is very close to one of the most traditional squares in all Cadiz: Mentidero. Make sure you take the opportunity to visit it.

After lunch go to Fragela Square for another visit to the Gran Teatro Falla theatre. 

At 9pm it is time to see the show and the later burning of the Dios Momo in San Antonio Square. Then you have two alternatives: either to see the gala in the square, or enjoy more carnival performances in San Francisco Square.
If you like to try tapas, we recommend the Bar-Cafetería Castillo, from where you can return to dance in the Carpa again.

Wednesday 14
Recommended cultural visit: Cadiz Museum and the Museum of the Cadiz Parliament.
Try the famous shrimp tortillas, and the best fried fish in Flores Square in the Freiduría las Flores. You can also buy one of the CDs of the bands you have heard.
After lunch, a walk to the San Francisco Square, where you can have a delicious coffee. From here, on to the Plaza de España, to visit the Monument to the Cadiz Parliament.
The San Antonio Square is the site for the Coronation of the Infant Goddess and the Inauguration Speech. Now that you are completely immersed in the carnival atmosphere, don’t leave it’s heart to have dinner. After dinner enjoy some more performances in the square, and you can also make another visit to La Viña or the Carpa marquee.

Thursday 15
Recommended cultural visit: The cathedral and the cathedral museum
Today, it is time to visit the new part of Cadiz. The final stop of bus number 7 leaves you in the square of the Hotel Playa Victoria. Take a walk along the seafront to have lunch.
If you have time, take a dip in the sea in the Victoria Beach. Return to old Cadiz, and go to La Viña, where you can listen to the final of the competition, with the best bands taking part.
Another possibility is to go to the concert in San Antonio Square at 10.30pm. Whatever you do, you can always end up in the Carpa marquee, if you still feel up to it.

Friday 16
Recommended cultural visits: Santa Catalina Castle and the Candelaria Fortress.

To help your digestion, walk along the Alameda Apodaca to the Genovés Park, where you can have a relaxed drink. In the afternoon, you can visit the exhibition in the La Canela Cultural Centre.

The evening is the time for the Carrousel of the Coros in the La Viña Neighbourhood at 10.30pm. The party goes on until well into the night, and from there you can end up in La Carpa marquee.

Saturday 17
Recommended cultural visits: Barrio del Pópulo neighbourhood and the Roman Ruins.
This is the time to visit the oldest neighbourhood of the city of Cadiz: El Pópulo. You’ll love it. The same afternoon, have a coffee in the Café Teatro Pay-Pay, one of the most classic places there are. Walk through the Cathedral Square, by the Flores Square to the Viña neighbourhood. Have a snack in El Manteca and rest until the time for the parade.
The Cabalgata Chica is a costume procession which starts at 10.30pm in Palma street.
The evening will continue to be in full swing in San Antonio Square. As usual, the night will end in a party in La Viña or La Carpa marquee.

Sunday 18
We recommend a route through the city of Cadiz in the Tourist Bus.
After travelling round the city in the tourist bus, it is time to see the Carousel of Coros from 2pm in the Central Market, Flores Square. Pause to have lunch. Then back to the fun, back to the coros.
You will continue to enjoy the sense of humour of the Cadiz people, this time coming from the children at 5.30pm, with the Infant Parade. The route: Itinerary: from Duque de Nájera to Plocia Street, passing through Argüelles Square.
Dinner will be in the heart of La Viña. At 10pm in La Caleta there is the burning of the Bruja Piti (the Piti witch), which marks the start of the firework display in the San Sebastian Castle. This brings to an end until next year what is the great Cadiz fiesta: THE CARNIVAL – but we can always prolong the fiesta on this last night in La Carpa marquee.

¿Qué es el Carnaval de Cádiz?
Carnaval de Cádiz.